Baozun Score Revised Higher to 6.44

Triton Research increased Baozun Inc.’s Company Score to 6.44 from 6.39 following the company’s S-1/A filing on May, 8, 2015.

Baozun plans to sell 11mn shares at an offering price of $12 – $14 per share.  Baozun will list on the Nasdaq under the symbol “BZUN.”

Triton Research published a 59-page report on Baozun Inc. containing a bottom-up financial model, product analysis, business model analysis, bull vs. bear case scenarios, comparative analyses, questions for management, historical capitalizations, historical valuations, and more.  For pricing information please contact Kaylan Tildsley at (212) 804-6151.

Triton Research Company Score (avg. 6.55): 6.44 (previously 6.39)

Company Description: Helps foreign brand manufacturers sell their goods to consumers in China. It does this as an exclusive retailer, taking inventory risk and selling through wholly owned channels that are official brand stores and as a services provider agent running their Chinese retail operations selling product through customers online stores and official marketplace stores such as Tmall,, Weixin, and Amazon.

Competitive Set: PFSweb, Speed Commerce, Arvato, Transcosmo, Web2Asia, Lili&Beauty, Oriental Logistics