Didi Kuaidi Invested in Ola

Didi Kuaidi, China’s largest taxi-hailing app, announced today that it invested in Ola, India’s largest taxi-hailing app.  Earlier this month Ola was reported to be raising over $500m at a $5bn valuation.  Didi did not disclose the amount it is investing, but reports suggest it invested approximately $30m.  The investment appears to confirm recent speculation that Didi is attempting to assemble a global alliance of the major car services that aren’t Uber.  Did has previously invested in Lyft (U.S.) and GrabTaxi (Southeast Asia).

Didi Kuaidi and Ola are both members of the Triton Research IPO Watchlist, a continuously updating database of companies we expect to either IPO or be acquired.  The current IPO Watchlist is comprised of 108 companies organized by investment theme.