MAXPOINT INTERACTIVE Scored 6.17 – Triton Research Dossier Published

The Triton Research Dossier on MaxPoint Interative has been published.  According to the Dossier, MaxPoint Interactive offers a differentiated online marketing service used by major national brand advertisers that helps them drive in-store sales. The Company was break-even in 2013 at only $66m in revenues, but operating profit and free cash flow have deteriorated in 2014 as sales and marketing costs have increased. While the product is differentiated, this potentially limits the addressable market. The Company’s disclosure is lacking, making it difficult to understand its customer acquisition costs. But for its top 25 customers revenue per campaign has been dropping over the last two fiscal years.  MaxPoint’s 6.17 Triton Research company score is below our average of 6.54.

Triton Research published a 57-page report on MaxPoint Interactive containing a bottom-up financial model, product analysis, business model analysis, bull vs. bear case scenarios, comparative analyses, questions for management, historical capitalizations, historical valuations, and more.  For pricing information please contact Kaylan Tildsley at (212) 804-6151.