Triton Research Dossier Published – GoDaddy, Inc.

Triton Research initiated on GoDaddy, a subscription web service provider.  According to the Dossier, GoDaddy is the clear domain marketplace leader (21% of global domains), but recent competitive (Google) and internal (CEO removal) changes could impact its market positioning.  GoDaddy’s financials are complicated because it takes payment for services upfront – therefore the Company is growing and generates solid cash flow, but its net income is very negative.  Finally, the deal itself is complex given it is a PE-backed story following its LBO in 2011.

Triton Research has published a 59-page report on GoDaddy, Inc. containing a bottom-up financial model, product analysis, business model analysis, bull vs. bear case scenarios, comparative analyses, questions for management, historical capitalizations, historical valuations, and more.  Please contact Triton Research for more information.