Wayfair, Inc. Scored 5.95 – Triton Research Dossier Published

The Triton Research Dossier on Wayfair, Inc. has been published. According to the Dossier, Wayfair has captured a leadership position in the online furniture/home goods vertical. The Company has solid founding management and has grown to scale in a very capital efficient way. Although Wayfair’s customer acquisition has been successful, the Company controls neither product manufacturing nor logistics and distribution, and is therefore less defensible than a vertically-integrated e-commerce platform. Investors will also be concerned about future profitability, as well as poor disclosure and a dual-class stock structure. Wayfair’s Triton Research Score of 5.95 is below average for tech IPOs scored by Triton Research generally, and zulily (7.38) in particular.

Triton Research has published a 54-page report on Wayfair containing a bottom-up financial model, product analysis, business model analysis, bull vs. bear case scenarios, comparative analyses, questions for management, historical capitalizations, historical valuations, and more. For pricing information please contact Kaylan Tildsley at (212) 804-6151.