Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. Scored 7.05 – Triton Research Dossier Published

The Triton Research Dossier on Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. has been published. According to the Dossier, Zayo Group generates over $1b in revenue and exhibits impressive customer retention and per customer revenue growth. Management is solid and has used prior telecom experience to build the business in a relatively short amount of time. Zayo has been acquisitive (completed 30 acquisitions), so it will be difficult to estimate the real profitability of the company once its growth rate normalizes. Other issues for Zayo include its $2,970.7m in total debt (as of Mar. 31, 2014) and the possibility of issues arising in the overall telecom industry.

Triton Research has published a 71-page report on Zayo Group Holdings containing a bottom-up financial model, product analysis, business model analysis, bull vs. bear case scenarios, comparative analyses, questions for management, historical capitalizations, historical valuations, and more. For pricing information please contact Kaylan Tildsley at (212) 804-6151.